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Crosstrees Announces 2017 IT Planning Workshops for Cruise Companies

Customized facilitated sessions bring focus to the needs of the organization, and help plan and prioritize IT initiatives and budgets for 2017

October 27, 2016 – Crosstrees, a provider of IT services for the cruise industry, today announced customized planning workshops to help cruise companies plan and prioritize their IT needs for 2017. 

Crosstrees offers a quick and highly effective methodology to help cruise companies define and prioritize a 12-15 month IT plan, effectively helping transform the IT organization from a service organization into a full business partner.

"With the 2017 cruise sales well underway, and the 2018 itineraries being planned and marketed, Crosstrees can help cruise companies focus on the objectives and plans for their 2017 IT initiatives," said Kat Shoa, Crosstrees Managing Partner. "These intensive, short, and powerful sessions help remove the element of surprise from IT initiatives with clearly defined activities, resource, and budget plans."

Cruise companies can differentiate themselves through the smart use of technology at all passenger touch points from initial contact, to purchase and the BND period, to boarding the ship, and the onboard experience. The systems employed by cruise companies, therefore, are a mix of typical enterprise systems and specialized systems specifically used by cruise companies. This puts increased demand on IT organizations to maintain a mix of open and proprietary systems to fulfill all the organization's needs:

  • Reservations conversion and service performance

  • Customer and credit card data security (PII/PCI)

  • Inventory and yield management

  • Property management and on-board technologies

  • Integration between various customer facing, TA partner, and internal systems

  • Marketing support technologies and business intelligence (BI)

"The importance of IT in the cruise business has been growing for over a decade," said Kevin Hughes, Crosstrees Managing Partner, and formerly Head of Global Program Management at Viking River Cruises. "With continued business dependency on technology, increased complexity of customer-facing and internal systems, as well as the pressure for operational efficiencies, the challenge becomes clear identification and prioritization of IT needs across the organization."

Several factors contribute to IT failure within the enterprise including:

  • Lack of clear agreed goals

  • Improper resource and budget allocation

  • Over-optimism to complete initiatives

  • Weak ownership and governance

  • Technology complexity and interdependency

Through its strategic IT planning sessions, Crosstrees helps cruise companies to take a step back from their day-to-day operations in order to clarify their IT objectives, focus on well-defined IT initiatives, and achieve executive buy-in and budgeting for a prioritized IT plan. Utilizing face to face interviews and an intensive 3-day workshop with company stakeholders representing all functions and levels of the organization, Crosstrees helps cruise companies uncover issues and focus the entire organization on a unified IT plan with a 12-15 month blueprint of initiatives.

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