plural noun: crosstrees; noun: crosstree; plural noun: cross-trees

a pair of horizontal struts attached to a sailing ship's mast to spread the rigging, especially at the head of a topmast.

What does your company do? Is it a church? Does that say cross-dress? What does crosstrees mean?
— Numerous (like, more than we'd like to count) Crosstrees Clients and Partners

We have been asked by so many people about the name of the company and its logo, that we're compelled to explain.

Crosstrees Services started as an IT services company targeted to the cruise industry (which is the reason the company's launch was only narrowly announced). Crosstrees is a reference to ship parts at the head of the topmast, a hat tip to the cruise industry.

We picked the highest point of the ship as a reference to our strategic perspective, the part of the operation that looks out into the horizon, helps direct the ship, and navigates complex waters.

If examined carefully, the website is peppered with photos referencing the cruise industry as well. We decided to keep the original photos, since our DNA started with the cruise industry.

And now to the logo...

See, it's not a church! The "T" is the crosstrees at the topmast.

And that wave at the bottom? That's water.

Clear? Good.

Crosstrees Services logo.png