Digital & Technology ROI

As any technology executive understands, ROI is one of the more difficult factors to accurately calculate, but with proper initiatives, company executives can discover exceptionally high ROI where the value might be less apparent. By properly targeting funds to specific IT, digital, and technology initiatives, companies can radically improve internal operations, cutting internal costs, as well as improve revenues. These initiatives can touch on many functions within organizations such as marketing, call center and sales operations, marketing, and finance.

ROI improvements can be measured in clearly measurable terms such as system costs or number of required technical staff, or through less tangible measures affecting revenues and operations such as a smoother sales process or data security risk mitigation. Crosstrees has proven experience in significant ROI improvements both with cost cutting resulting in profitability growth, and IT initiatives directly impacting revenue growth.

Revenue Growth

Proper systems and configurations can greatly impact revenue growth through various touch-points within the organization and the public by providing necessary and timely information to the end user. This can impact various parts of the business from market strategy and segmentation, better understanding of each customer or employee, to real-time pricing, and call center interactions with the customer. Systems can provide:

  • Increased sales conversion rates
  • Superior market segment targeting
  • More effective marketing
  • Better yield management from big data / CRM / sales agent support
  • Improved up-sell/cross-sell opportunities  
  • Improved holistic understanding of the customer and their touch-points
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Profitability Growth

Systems for mid-size to large enterprise, if properly utilized, have the capability of reducing significant organizational costs from reducing the number of staff, and time savings, to creating more efficient logistics. At times of M&A, consolidation of technical organizations can significantly reduce costs as well. IT systems can offer:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Shorter sales call times
  • IT back-end consolidation
  • Improved system performance
  • Shorter learning curves for new call center recruits
  • Flexible infrastructure expansion/reduction through cloud services
  • Optimal resource management
  • Data security risk mitigation

Crosstrees Services

Crosstrees offers IT services tailored to mid-sized companies to the enterprise. We have extensive experience with a variety of IT solutions within several industries.


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