Credit Card Data Security and Tokenization

Cruise lines collect guest Payment Card Information (PCI) for reservations and services, as well as gather their contact information and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) necessary for travel and safety. Additionally, they operate in omni-channel payment environments, accepting multiple payment streams and relying on multiple payment processing partners. The complexity of the travel industry means there are many information systems and people that touch, process, and store both PCI and PII.

Crosstrees offers a combination of encryption, tokenization, and cloud data vaulting to intercept sensitive data at every entry point. This layered approach ensures that no PCI or PII is accepted, stored, or transmitted by IT systems that could be hacked, infected with malware, or inadvertently exposed by personnel.

Crosstrees works tightly with its technology partner, TokenEx, to provide the most comprehensive data security and tokenization solutions to the cruising industry.


DATA THEFT risk elimination

PCI COMPLIANCE cost reduction



Headquarters & Call Center Bookings

  • Secure collection of both personal (PII) and payment (PCI) information
  • Point-to-point encryption (P2Pe) pinpads or web portal entry
  • Secure data entry & transmission
  • Tokenization
  • Data vaulting
  • Secure work station, call center, & database storage for future transactions

Ship-side purchases

  • On-board P2Pe card readers encrypt, store, & transmit real time transactions
  • Secure standard transactions
  • Adding alternate payment methods or changing the Card on File
  • Store & Forward capabilities
  • Secure storage and batch processing
  • Send/receive satellite communications for intermittent connection and safe transmission

Port-side purchases

  • Collection, encryption, tokenization & storage of payment information (PCI) at both embarkation & debarkation
  • Point-to-Point encryption (P2Pe) pin pads
  • Web entry portals
  • PANs never enter the ship’s financial environment

Online purchases

  • Secure web page hosting designed to look like the rest of the website, with seamless integration; OR TokenEx iFrame solution, hosting only final payment fields
  • PANs never enter business systems
  • Undecipherable tokens returned for use in billing, analytics, and storage for future transactions

Customer Loyalty Programs

Tracking & holding tokens in place of personal information & accumulated rewards to:

  • Safeguard customer profiles & activity
  • Protect redeemable customer points
  • Secure web page hosting
  • Maintain the company’s visuals, logos, design, and feel
  • Provide seamless customer experience

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