Technical and Business Leadership

Crosstrees has uniquely positioned itself by applying strong business and management principles to solve the common problems within digital, IT, and technology organizations. Often, these problems are not technological in nature, rather, misalignment with business objectives, mismanagement of vendors, cultural issues, or misplaced organizational resources are often to blame.

Crosstrees helps companies experiencing lack of clarity and drive within their technology organizations, at-risk / delayed / over-budget technology programs, or organizational and cultural difficulties in technology adaptation.

The company has the capabilities to engage and manage large-scale, enterprise-class programs within a variety of industries. The company retains a large network of seasoned professionals including network architects, security specialists, ERP/CRM specialists, program and project managers, and technical development resources, as well as partnerships with specialized IT companies, with flexibility in international engagement for a broad range of initiatives.

Kat Shoa
Founder & Managing Partner


With a strong overlap of management consulting and technology expertise, Kat brings an astute sense of business and management principles into technology organizations.

  • Past CEO of IT & consulting companies.

  • Decades in tech, and 15+ years of business and management consulting.

  • Experienced with technology verticals including IT services, SaaS, IaaS, VoIP, digital office products, Smart Grid (energy/utilities), and other businesses.

  • Business strategy, business process improvement, and organizational change management.