Proven Methodologies for Assessment and Delivery

Crosstrees Services' managing partners have delivered enterprise IT and technology programs to global 1000 clients for over 30 years. At Crosstrees, we have developed proven methodologies that have been tested over decades of working within various industries with mid-size to enterprise organizations.

Small Teams

At Crosstrees we believe smaller teams can have a bigger impact on success of any IT program. Larger teams not only cost more to maintain, but also cause difficulty in communications, decision making processes, and collaboration. We believe in deploying highly competent, fast learning teams, and leading them through a faster deployment. Our “small team” philosophy has helped deploy numerous enterprise level business critical programs in record time.

Quick deployment

In our experience, slow paced initiatives are destined to fail, and quick deployment is one of the main success factors in any IT project. With large IT programs, over time, the program loses team excitement, executive commitment, and overall organizational enthusiasm. Also, “feature creep”, and a host of external factors can cause major stalls to IT programs. Therefore, the quicker the program moves forward, the better chances of success.

Narrow Focus

At Crosstrees, one of our main success factors is to keep a narrow focus into the IT programs in which we are involved, and to dive deep in order for a successful delivery. We believe in keeping a tight control on the scope of requirements, feature creep, and external factors that negatively affect successful program delivery. By keeping a narrow focus in features and program objectives, we have proven time and again, successful accomplishments in IT delivery.

Change Impact control

At Crosstrees, we recognize that every new IT program installation or upgrade has touch points with other programs, and more importantly, with people within the ecosystem who use the system. Because of this, many new programs tend to have a high impact both technically and within organizations. Our team has shown repeated success by managing change through organizations with executive buy-in, consistent and timely organizational communications, and managing dissidents to ensure a successful program delivery.


As every experienced IT executive knows, new programs cause ripple effects with existing systems as well as the people who use them. Crosstrees prides itself in focusing on post-implementation phase of stabilizing the IT systems interacting together, as well as ensuring that the organization is prepared, trained, and on track for a smooth transition.

Success Factors

At Crosstrees, we offer our expertise at the best deployment methodologies for enterprise class systems. However, we recognize that success is impossible without focus on the people who do the work with us: our staff, our client's employees, contractors, and vendors. Our repeated success is derived from creating a balance between our technology and people focus.

Technology Focus

Crosstrees offers high performance system design and implementation, design and customization for business-specific functions, and third party software integration.

People Focus

Crosstrees succeeds through cross-functional collaboration, business and technology team cooperation, and internal / external staff & vendor alignment.