Strategic Planning Workshops

Crosstrees Services holds intensive, high-impact workshops for organizations that are stuck and unclear on their next move. These workshops can act as a first step impetus for defining the landscape for initiatives facing organizations, and may involve various stakeholder levels from executives to functional experts.

Expected Outcome

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These all-hands, interactive workshops quickly define the next steps for any initiative such as:

  • Technology initiatives
  • Strategic planning
  • Product design concepts
  • Annual plans
  • Organizational issues resolution

Crosstrees has extensive experience with conducting and facilitating high impact workshops for mid sized to enterprise organizations.

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The workshops are conducted with these concepts in mind:

  • Interactive
  • Fast paced
  • Thought provoking
  • Challenging
  • Participatory
  • Collaborative
  • Engaging
  • Fun!


These one-day or multi-day workshops use rigorous methodologies to harness the team's creative and organizational knowledge by transforming their raw ideas, concepts, and questions into a common set of actionable plans - with a strong sense of accomplishment.

The off-site sessions start as a single group, then break into several working teams to uncover visions, priorities, anticipated issues, and plans in a common set of deliverables understood and agreed by the organization's own members.